End of 3rd year project in 3D Design and Animation at ICAN.

he imposed theme of the project was "banana", I decided to create an advertisement for a premium smoothie. This project has required 4 months of work. The product presented is the smoothie of the Greek Gods: Ambrosia.

«Les Dieux eux-mêmes se réunissent autour des saveurs qui ravissent leur sens, car tout ce qui est joie se trouve dans le smoothie Ambroisia»

"The Gods themselves come together around flavors that delight their meaning, because all that is joy can be found in the Ambroisia smoothie"

The idea was really to do something floating, mystical, yet powerful. For this, the use of slow and almost bewitching music, the very slow backward tracking, the use of Greek statues and the little golden touch allow you to participate in creating this atmosphere.

The references for the realization of this project were : Cyriak, Pierre et Gilles, Giulio Romano - La Sala dei Giganti, Kevin McGloughlin - Repetition, René Magritte - Golcond, Mandelbrot set.

Music : Lorn · Acid Rain
Animation done with After Effects, the starry background with Particular,the fluids and the 3D bottle in Blender, the orbits in Illustrator · 05/2020